Studio Museum Harlem and “If You Build It” Exibition

25 Jul

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Today, our class went on a field trip to Studio Museum Harlem. The first set of pictures we saw were Harlem Postcards. Something that was really cool was that one of the post cards was taken by Delphine Diallo, a guest artist we had visit our class last week. We then met an amazing group of young artists from New York called ETW, whose work was displayed within the museum. After being shown a series of James Vanderzee’s photographs, we were asked to recreate Clifford Owen’s work by laying on a piece of white paper while being traced by other people in various colors. Afterwards, we viewed the work of the artists from ETW. I was truly inspired and fascinated by their complex and unique work. I loved hearing the stories behind their images. Following that we viewed the works of Charles Gaines, Kevin Beasley, Bethany Collins, and Abigail DeVille.
Once we had lunch, we all went to the “If You Build It” exhibition in Harlem. It was very unique and interesting to see. Overall, today was a great day to see some incredible work from many great artists.
-Erica Palmieri

Portraits and Exploring the City

24 Jul

Hey followers of the blog, I’m Sydney Smith from San Diego, California. There are 3 Sydney’s in the program this year, so not to be confused with Sydney Doblin and Sydney Williams.

Today in class, we started digital photography finally!! This morning we had a lecture and slideshow of portrait photography, and then were introduced to our latest assignment: Collaborative Portraits. We were split into groups and each group was sent out t a different “neighborhood” in the city (The Lower East Side, Chinatown/Financial District, Chelsea/West Village, and The Upper West Side). It was 90 degrees and humid today, so we were very stressed and sticky during this entire excursion. When we returned to campus, we had a 3 hour open lab where we worked on photoshopping the photos we took today.

Stay tuned for more blog posts from my wonderful classmates!

Sydney Smith





Street-view of the city

Rachel Leiner photographing the incredible art at the MOMA PS1

Rachel Leiner photographing the incredible art at the MOMA PS1

Hailey shooting a photo of a woman taking a photo

Hailey shooting a photo of a woman taking a photo


Critique and Working Hard

22 Jul
Panoramic view of the photography room with everyone's work on the walls.

Panoramic view of the photography room with everyone’s work on the walls.

Rafik Greiss with one of his prints from the "Establishing Your View of NYC" project.

Rafik Greiss with one of his prints from the “Establishing Your View of NYC” project.

Hi family, friends, and readers! My name is Sydney and I will be writing the blog post for today! Firstly, today was a stressful, yet simple day. To start, all of the students arrived at open lab at 10:00 a.m. We all worked very hard to finish our “Establishing your view of New York City” projects which consists of 10 prints. We worked in the darkroom until 1:00, and then we hung up our pictures on the wall and went to lunch. After lunch, we all returned to Tisch and began to critique each other’s work. We all helped each other by saying constructive criticism to allow us all to develop stronger images and ideas in the future. Everyone seemed to be very content and proud of their projects. We ended class at around 5:30, leaving us time for a free night! In conclusion, we all had a very long and packed week and are now glad to be finished completely with our projects!

Hard At Work

22 Jul




Hi everyone! I’m Rachel Leiner, a Tischtography student for the summer. A little bit about me- I am from Long Island, New York and a rising junior. I love fashion, photography, and singing!

Today we spent about 9 hours in the darkroom preparing for our second assignment, “Establishing Your View of NYC.” This project allows us each to display the city through our own eyes- I don’t think any one of us have ever worked so hard. It was tough, but we persevered and are nearly finished. Although the day was long, it was also super fun! The Photography Floor is always full of laughter and smiles no matter the stress level. Here are some fun photos of us today
(And an exclusive selfie of all 15 of us in one elevator)!

Tischtography Under Construstion

9 Aug




It’s our last day as a class and you can definitely feel the tension in the room, rushing to print both our final exhibition projects and last assignments, everyone was non stop on the go today in the classrooms. TA’s with their hands on deck running to help us all at once. We finally have it all finalized and hanging. It was a bittersweet day for us all, being able to work together as a class and as close friends we spent our last 12 hours together putting all our effort towards this final project. This exhibition tomorrow is one we’ve all been waiting for, to show off to all the faculty and especially our families our hard work. Saying our final goodbyes will definitely be a hard one but we can all say that this is an experience we will never forget. We made new friendships and became so close. This experience for me was one of the most amazing learning experiences, I expanded my knowledge on everything i thought i knew. All the tools we got from this program will be used in the future without a doubt, and living in the city was something we’ve all loved to experience. 

Goodluck to all the seniors applying to Tisch this school year.


-Shailee Ben-David

The End (Almost)

8 Aug

This week has been a mad scramble for all of us to turn in our papers, final projects, reviews, and statements. However, I have found that everyone has really bonded and come together in the past week. We’ve been encouraging each other and offering solutions to problems that have arisen (our final critique today lasted almost 4 hours…!), as well as having fun. Today, we had a dance party in the darkroom to the Motown music we heard at the musical last night (ok maybe I was the only one dancing..), and although everyone was stressed to finish their projects in time for the critique, spirits were still high and we all made sure to support everyone. I can’t really imagine not being here next week because we have all gotten really close and we are so adjusted to the program. It is funny to think about the first week here, where we were just getting to know each other and the program. I remember that during the lighting demo in the first week, we were so scared to speak up and direct each other and ask questions to our teachers. Now, with 2 days left, it is so strange to think that I won’t walk in to Tisch on Monday and see our teachers and TAs, as well as my classmates. This experience has been so amazing and I will never forget it. 


ClaireImagePhotograph of Olga that I took during the lighting demo our teachers gave us.


Fun, Broadway, and Crunch Time

7 Aug

Fun, Broadway, and Crunch Time

As our photography group has begun to prepare for our final exhibition, the pressure to create our best work, and enjoy our last week in the city is mounting. Monday night our teachers and TAs took us to a BBQ meal in Williamsburg, and the photo students enjoyed a beautiful New York sunset on our way back to the Subway station. Today pressure was definitely in the atmosphere as everyone is beginning to rush to get everything edited, printed, written up, and on the wall for our last critique tomorrow. I know that for me this has been the most intense photography project I’ve ever taken on; definitely on the same level as final essays at my school. This program has challenged me more than any of my other art classes to push my photography as far as I can take it, and I know all the stress that I feel now will eventually be worth it in the end. Tonight we took a much-needed break by going out to the Broadway show “Motown,” which had some of the best Broadway music that I’ve heard. Crossing my fingers for the critique tomorrow, good luck to everyone!

(photo by Katie Fournier)


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