1 Aug

Street art in Chelsea

Street art in Chelsea

Hi! My name is Carly Fiest and I am a rising junior from Ocean Township, New Jersey. Today for class we had multiple field trips to galleries in Chelsea. The beginning of my day was filled with wonderful color images from the early 1900s. The photos were interesting because they seemed so modern even though they were so old. Also the images were created during a time when color images were not considered artistic, so the series was interesting in an historical context as well. However, my afternoon was not as pleasing. After lunch we visited a gallery showing Larry Clark’s Luhring Augustine photo series on “kids on the brink of becoming men and women.” The exhibit contains collages of pictures of penises, vaginas, and people having sex. I found the work that in the realm of pornography and not art. I was upset by what I saw and I wished that I was warned of the content of the exhibit before walking into the gallery.

Critique III

30 Jul
critique part I

The group critiques Rafik, Sydney Smith, and I’s project

Panorama view of 3 of the 5 projects

Hello everyone! My Name is Hailey Burns and I’m from Short Hills, New Jersey (just about 40 minutes out of the city). Today was another exhausting day, but of course, rewarding as always. We started off the morning with a criqute of our collaborative portrait assigments. This has been our third group critique since the beginning of the program, and its no surprise these discussions have gotten more extensive each time. One change that is evident is our ability to give and receive constructive criticism. Opposed to week one, we are no longer afraid of opening up and pushing our new friends to become better photographers for the next time around. In the afternoon we were introduced (in detail) to our last project of the course: the Personal Vision assignment. No spoilers for our plans just quite yet, but everyone coming up with some really great and creative ideas! Crazy how we only have one week left, it seems like just yesterday I was jumping up and down in Washington Square Park because I had just taken my first picture on a film camera.

Final Touches to Collaborative Portrait Assignment and Guest Artist from TIME Magazine: Jonathan D. Woods

29 Jul
Jonathan Woods from TIME Magazine and Olivia Jankoski.

Jonathan Woods from TIME Magazine and Olivia Jankoski.

Hello my name is Rafik Greiss, I am a 16-year-old High School student from Egypt, currently living in London. During the morning of the Photography and Imaging class today, each Collaborative Portrait group got together and completed any final prints to add to each series. We completed any final retouching and correction of images and sequenced our images. Later on throughout the day, guest artist Jonathan Woods came in to discuss his career in TIME Magazine and photographic work. His work was very inspiring, especially his project of about the new Freedom Tower at One World Trade Center.  It was truly amazing to see him speak about the entire process of him taking the photograph, and all the problems he had stumbled upon and overtaken. He then took the time to critique and give us feedback on our portrait project. Furthermore, Bayeté assigned the class the Personal Vision Assignment and showed us work of a few photographers to inspire us and to get us to brainstorm. During open lab tonight, each group finished up their Collaborative Portrait assignment and hung up their photos.

Group Effort

29 Jul

IMG_6540 Makeda and Patrick choosing prints for the exhibit.IMG_6527 Roaming the streets in East Village with Jenn.IMG_6522 IMG_6521The Birdman and his music store. Hey everyone! My name is Annie Choi and I’m from Los Angeles, California. I’m super excited to be attending this summer photography program at Tisch and up until now, it’s definitely been a true photography intensive! Today, we’ve had a hard and long morning working in the digital lab and editing all our photos from our collaborative group assignment. After breaking for lunch, the individual groups had three hours to go and explore the city and catch up on some photo shooting. Makeda, Jenn, and I went to the East Village so that we can meet and interview some cool musicians in the city. We walked into a music store on St Marks and 3rd, and even got to meet the legendary Birdman. After that, the class regrouped back at the Tisch building to continue editing the photos from the afternoon shoot. It’s been a long day working with the photos, but it’s crunch time because our class critique is coming up in 2 days! Annie

A quick trip the Met and Guggenheim

28 Jul

Pepsi-Cola Interior II


Inside of Guggenheim       Hello fellow bloggers! My name is Caitlyn and I am from Santa Barbara, California. As it is my first time in New York, I have been loving every moment this program has provided. One of the many opportunites that tisch provides is being able to venture through the different museums in the city and observe artwork as well as gain inspiration/inventiveness from it.
On Saturday (July 26th) we visited the Met and Guggenheim. The first exhibit we saw was the “Now You See It” at the met. The artists featured in this exhibit focus on using the camera to reveal subjects or places ordinarily concealed. My favorite piece from this exhibit (first image shown above) was an enormous negative print titled “Pepsi-Cola Interior II”. This image was made inside a derelict Pepsi-Cola bottling plant containing a room-sized pinhole camera. The second photo is the architecture on the inside of the Guggenheim building.

1/2 Done!

27 Jul

My name is Nicole Motta and I am one of the five T.A for these amazing photogs of 2014! I don’t know about everyone else, but I do believe that this month is flying by! It feels like just yesterday these littles were doing 35mm! This week we have transitioned to digital and are working on our collaborative projects. George and I set up the studio on Thursday and everyone took turns rotating between Photographer, model, and assistants. 

This weekend we went to the Guggenheim and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Museum Mile (The Gerry Winogrand is a must see!)

Its crunch time for collaborative projects for this Wednesday and we are more than excited to see the group’s interpretations of our New York City jungle. Week Three here we come!!!


Take Me Out to the Lighting Demo (+ Guest Artist!)

26 Jul


Good ol' (or new) Yankee Stadium

Good ol’ (or new) Yankee Stadium

Hello one and all!  My name is Delaney, I’m from the San Francisco Bay area, and am incredibly excited to be at Tisch this summer.  As my classmates have told you, this program has been incredibly immersive  and intensive as well as intellectually stimulating and enjoyable; today was no exception.  We started off strong with a lighting demo led by two of our lovely TA’s (George and Nicole) in our first class of the day.  Studio lighting seems so expansive and complicated to those of us who don’t normally have access to professional equipment, and it was fantastic to have an opportunity to be exposed the practical set-up and use of a professional level strobe lighting set up.  Practicing applying broad, short, butterfly and side lighting with the added tools such as reflectors jump-started a lot of creative thought in regards to my final project, and I’m incredibly excited to be able to exercise total creative control when the time comes (cue ominous sounding evil laugh).

We also had the pleasure of meeting and talking to photographer Stephanie Keith (www.stephaniekeith.com), and not only did we discuss elements of photojournalism, such as writing a pitch and seizing the decisive moment, but her ongoing project on Brooklyn-based Haitian Vodou communities triggered interesting conversations surrounding the topics of culture and religious practices.  The use of iPhones in a professional environment was also discussed, as well as using apps (such as Hipstamatic) to achieve different aesthetics that are perhaps exclusive to mobile photography; an interesting take on something that we are exposed to every day.

Of course, our brains would all explode if our week was actually all work no play, so a quick trip to the ballpark was a welcome respite from classes and shooting time.  Although we left a little bit early to catch the train, the Yankees seemed to be tying the game up pretty nicely.  Go NYC, go!  I’m not sure if that’s the appropriate thing to say, but I guess I’m just a long-term tourist after all.

George and Nicole demonstrating a (slightly modified) three-point lighting set-up

George and Nicole demonstrating a (slightly modified) three-point lighting set-up

A particularly aware selfie from some of the Tisch crew (left to right: me, Makeda, Olivia, Caitlin, Sydney Doblin, Rafik)

A particularly aware selfie from some of the Tisch crew (left to right: me, Makeda, Olivia, Caitlin, Sydney Doblin, Rafik)


With warmth,

Delaney Hoffman



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