Field trip to Chelsea+Friends Forever

7 Aug
Impressive  photographs during the field tip to Chelsea.

Impressive photographs during the field tip to Chelsea.


Chelsea is a district in NYC with all kinds of artistic stuff, bookstores and galleries. Why do I even explain, every one should know it because it is awesome. We went to visit aperture, a super interesting bookstore and all kinds of other galleries. Aperture was always a legendary place for me because my favorite photographer, Minor White, was one of the founders and also, of course, because I have loved the magazine for a long long long time. If you haven’t been there before, go before the summer open exhibition close. And just so you know that the faculty there is funny and nice.

Besides the visit to Aperture, the galleries and bookstores are also super fun and worthy for exploring too. I found out two super interesting photographer, Olivo Barbieri and Jacob Aue Sobol, through the visit. I also got two independently-printed books from the bookstore. I really enjoyed the area and all the art works I saw, and of course the pizza, that day.

At last, since tomorrow is going to be the last day of the program, I really want to talk about my personal feeling of the program of a whole. Every day I spent in the program with my friends was perfect. I will never forget my first month doing photography only with such a cool group of people. I will always remember the time I spent with all the folks, TAs and Bayete. Very personal but very true. I love SHS!!!

Sneaker Collection

6 Aug

Sneaker Collection Photo Taken by Daijha Thompson

Sneaker Collection
Photo Taken by Daijha Thompson

Sneaker Collection Photo Taken by American Federation of Arts

Sneaker Collection
Photo Taken by American Federation of Arts

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 9.59.39 PM

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 9.59.18 PM

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 9.58.47 PM

Last week, our class took a trip to the Brooklyn Museum. We saw a lot of wonderful exhibitions, such as the FAILE: Savage/Sacred Young Minds exhibit and the Zanele Muholi: Isibonelo/Evidence exhibit. These were both great and powerful exhibits but my favorite was The Rise of Sneaker Culture exhibit because it featured many different pairs of sneakers that were made and sold over the course of more than 60 years. The exhibit reflects upon the progression of sneakers and how features and styles have morphed over than years. As a sneaker lover, I pride myself on knowing the styles and features of each sneaker brand so it was interesting be able to see what the styles of sneakers, from some of the same brands that I see today, looked like years ago. I was fascinated by the way that styles are recycled by brands. A pair of Nike Air Jordan’s from 1985 looked like a pair of Nike Air Jordan’s that were released in 2013. The sneaker styles are recycled but the features are upgraded. Some would say that Nike is “cheating” by reusing the same ideas of past creators but I think its start because it maintains a constant style that distinguishing one sneaker brand from another.

If you want to like to learn more, please visit

Doris Salcedo: Guggenheim

6 Aug

Guggenheim Museumunland-detail-975x651

A couple weeks ago, we took a trip to The Guggenheim Museum. After starting from the top and observing each exhibition throughout the museum, one exhibit struck me as most interesting. I found Doris Salcedo’s exhibition to be quite intriguing. She took wood and created tables out of them and not just any type of table, a table held together by her very own strands of hair. At first, I thought of it as a bit disturbing, especially after learning she pulled out her hair, piece by piece to create her art… but I then found it fascinating and began to question why or how she came up with such an idea. After visiting numerous museums over the past four weeks and observing various types of art, I’ve found that art can really be anything you make of it because I, for one, would never have thought of building a table with my own head of hair.

-Stephanie Weinstein

Metropolitan Museum Of Art

5 Aug IMG_4681


Photo Credit: Matt Reiser  Continue reading

qOpen Lab and Final Program Dinner

4 Aug

Students working during Open Lab

Today was our first full day to work on our personal vision projects. Some of us worked in the digital lab editing and printing our images, as well as working on the various papers we have due this week. Others used the studio, and others began processing and printing their images in the darkroom. I love how different all of the projects are, and how people are able to choose which photography medium they want to use (digital, film, or both!). It is amazing to see how everyone’s projects progresses, and I can’t wait to see the final products on Friday. Overall, I would say that we had a very productive day, and we all know how much we have to get done in the coming week.

After our long day, a good dinner was well-deserved! The entire photography program (including teachers and TAs) joined together for dinner at Favela Cubana, a Cuban restaurant near NYU. We dined and talked over delicious lemonade, fried plantains, and coconut flan. It was great to talk to everyone and reflect over our time here, and it is bittersweet to know it was one of our last times ever being all together.

-Olivia Quinton

Creativity and Stress

4 Aug

During the past four weeks, my piers and I have been put to the test with the task of completing assignments that seem to never end. Stress and the pressure to complete the assignments has definitely put a strain on my work and creativity. One valuable piece of the advice that I received when I struggled to complete the Lighting and Portraiture assignment was from Dylan, a TA in the program. He reminded me to shoot from the heart rather than the brain. When I am stressed and pressed by time, I attempt to generate an idea by overthinking things. In this state, my work becomes bland, complicated, and difficult to understand. When I finally took a moment to calmly think of my task at hand shot not overcomplicating things, my photos become more coherent and visually satisfying. This method is less stressful. Your images may not fully center around the task at hand, but you are having more fun doing it, and that is what photography is all about.

Sorry Dylan for stealing your advice


By: David Quesada

DSC_0077 672_creativity-in-life-1053044-flash-1053044-flash

Tisch Photography SHS

3 Aug Self portraits taken on the first day of class :)

As our month at New York University as Tisch summer high school students ends, the level of stress for completing projects and essays rises dramatically. The program has been full of exciting events, projects, and new friendships. Although the workload is extremely heavy, the skills we have all learned are more than rewarding. We learned how to use different editing softwares, set up studios and lighting, give thoughtful critiques, and most importantly, honed our photography skills.

I think I speak for the other 16 students in the program when I say this experience has been one of a million. The endless memories formed will stay with all of us after Saturday when the month is over, and hopefully we will meet again sometime, either at NYU or later in life. My passion for photography has escalated incredibly quickly, and I am excited to go back to Portland and continue shooting and using my newly learned skills!

-Ellie Nakamoto-White

Self portraits taken on the first day of class :)

Self portraits taken on the first day of class:)


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