Brooklyn Bridge Light Painting By Jace Knie

2 Aug

_26A1496Credit to Artist: Jace Knie

This program gave me a strong fundamental skill level, educating me about my camera settings and allowing me to experiment with my work in one of the greatest cities on earth. I learned about long exposures, allowing the camera to capture a large amount of light. I made this image of the Brooklyn Bridge, the light you see traveling across the water is actually a boat that appears blurred to the long exposure technique I learned. To visit the Brooklyn Bridge:

Collaborative Narrative Project/Critique

1 Aug

Today in class, we had the opportunity to work on a collaborative narrative with a partner. We had to develop an idea together and execute it before the morning was over. After we finished shooting with our partner, we came back to the digital lab where we edited our photos in Lightroom and Photoshop. The goal of the project was to develop a short narrative consisting of seven final photos. The final photos were presented in a mini-critique on the projector.

My partner was Ming Shiu, and our narrative was entitled Coffee Date. We followed the narrative of a date-gone-wrong. The series of images depicted the way in which a couple would meet for a cup of coffee. However, in the scenario, the male counterpart arrives early only to unintentionally forget about the coffee date. It is only later when the female counterpart arrives at the designated time, ordering a drink for herself and her date. She waits for his arrival, but he never arrives. Our critique went well, but we did get some criticism. Although the project was short, I learned a lot about working with a partner and creating the best work we could in the time given.

Here are some examples of what my classmates decided to photograph for their collaborative narrative: reflection on our final week at NYU, Instagram posts throughout the day, exploring a young artists market, and much more. I loved seeing what everyone was able to come up with!

Be sure to look at our project Coffee DateCoffee Date

– Jordyn Gelb

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 11.25.06 AM


Todd Hido: Inspirational Lighting

1 Aug

Capture Capture1

Yesterday, on our field trip to Aperture, we had the opportunity to look at a wide array of photography books. While we had free time, one book in particular caught my eye: Todd Hido’s guide to landscapes and nudes really opened my eyes to properly lighting and angling an image, and inspired me to delve deeper into his work. All of his images are well lit and properly composed in a way that gives off a mysterious vibe. Both of these images are from Todd Hido’s album “homes at night” and specifically of the homes.

-Emily Golchini

The Bronx Documentary Centre

31 Jul

Last week we visited the Bronx Documentary Centre, a non-profit gallery that aims to expose areas of unfairness and create positive social changes within the community. The exhibit that we viewed was called “Altered Images: 150 years of Posed and Manipulated Documentary Photography”. This exhibit is meant to incite conversation in people, discussing where the line should be drawn in terms of altering content in an image, to be used for photojournalistic purposes, and the controversy and misinformation it causes.

The set of images that I was drawn to the most were by Chris Arnade, a street photographer in the Bronx. He photographs a large number of prostitutes, either partially or entirely naked. Most of the subjects that he chooses to shoot are either under the influence of drugs, or simply not in the correct mental state to be giving consent to him using the photographs. His subjects also most likely do not understand the likes of Flickr or Instagram, platforms that he uses to share his images to millions of followers.



These images often depict the women in degrading poses, sexualising and objectifyin
g them. This may not only demean and humiliate them, but also could be dangerous for potential, future employers that may choose to look these women up online. To read more about Chris Arnade’s inclusion in the BDC, click here.

The trip to the Bronx Documentary Centre was overall an incredibly edifying and eye-opening experience, as we learnt of the manipulation and misuse of many famous images, that we had previously assumed to be valid. We also understood how altering the content of an image in even the slightest of ways, could alter the tone/mood of an image significantly, changing the entire message that the image was sending. It was something I had not given a lot of thought to in the past, and has allowed me to look at photographs with a more critical, and less naïve eye.

– Carina Fischer

2015 Aperture Summer Open: Black Mirror

30 Jul

Today we took a field trip to visit some small galleries in Chelsea. Our first stop was to the Aperture Foundation space, which immediately impressed all of us from the second we walked in – Andy Warhol’s name had been carved into the wall, it used to be his studio space – and it didn’t stop there. The exhibit on display currently is Aperture’s second ‘Summer Open’, which offers exposure to up and coming photographers who submit their work. The theme that it all tied around was based off of a TV show called Black Mirror, which is sort of like a modern ‘Twilight Zone.’

It was very interesting to see the work of current and relevant creative minds and how they all tied together. While they all worked with the theme, each piece was very different.

Before this trip I hadn’t actually heard of Aperture and the amazing work they do. I learned that a huge goal of the magazine and studio’s is to prove that photography falls into the same category as any other fine art craft. That it takes skill and imagination and should be respected. Aperture aims to discover and display what is happening, currently, in the world of photography, and to educate.

I was very impressed and pleased with the work that Aperture does and I am very grateful that I was given an opportunity to learn about it, as I’m sure the rest of the class is!


For more info about the exhibit or Aperture, you can check out their website:


-Rachel Filler

Matt Bernstein and Carina Fischer viewing the work of Anais Boileau.

Matt Bernstein and Carina Fischer viewing the work of Anais Boileau.

one of the pieces that caught my eye in the gallery

one of the pieces that caught my eye in the exhibit

more work from the exhibit: a piece by Sarah Meyohas called 'Red Speculation'

more work from the exhibit: a piece by Sarah Meyohas called ‘Red Speculation’

featured work by Eva O'Leary

featured work by Eva O’Leary

Lighting & Portraiture Critique

30 Jul

A work-in-progress of my own project during open lab yesterday.

Rachel Filler’s final work displayed on the wall.

Today in class, we spent the majority of the time critiquing each other’s final works for our Lighting & Portraiture assignment. The past week was spent working hard to finish these projects on time, with many hours of open lab for shooting, editing, and digitally printing our photos. Having been our broadest assignment to date, it was initially quite difficult for most of us to generate solid ideas for this project. Many students’ ideas shifted as they shot more and selected photos to use for their final work. Executing this assignment required lots of creative thought and effort from every student, which was reflected during critique. Each student presented a final project that was elaborately planned out and entirely unique from anyone else’s in the room.

I find critiques to be a very rewarding part of every project. Because successfully completing a project can be rather draining, it’s nice to hear what others have to say about your final work and how they can respond and relate to it.

To learn more about the Tisch Department of Photography & Imaging, visit here.


-Matt Bernstein

Trip to Brooklyn!

30 Jul
Inside of the Deluxx Fluxx Arcade at the Brooklyn Museum

Inside of the Deluxx Fluxx Arcade at the Brooklyn Museum

Last Friday we took a trip to the coolest borough in New York City, (Brooklyn, of course), and went to see FAILE: Savage/Sacred Young Minds at the Brooklyn Museum, along with several other exhibits.

Afterwards we took a quick trip to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden where some of us worked on our Lighting and Portraiture projects (which culminated in a critique earlier today). After leaving the garden we traveled back towards DUMBO where we went to see several other art institutions and then walked over the Brooklyn Bridge!

Check out FAILE at the Brooklyn Museum HERE!


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