TA Profile: Alexandra Diracles

© 2011 Alexandra Diracles

Welcome to the Tisch Photo Department! My name is Alexandra (Allie) Diracles and I will also be one of your TA’s for the program. I graduated from the photo program in 2007 along with fellow TA Liz Moran. I currently freelance as a photographer and videographer. My most recent job was shooting a behind-the-scenes video for Italian Men’s Vogue which was a very interesting experience and a lot of fun. My personal work centers around specific communities of women who deal with unnecessary scrutiny from the media and/ or public sphere. The attached photo is from a series of large format portraits and videos of young social activist Muslim women. I am currently working on the interview portion of this project and will be presenting the work as a multimedia slide show. I am currently revamping my website (www.alexandradiracles.com and it should be live within the next week or so!  I’ll give you the heads up when it is complete.

I love working in the studio and have spent many years as a photo assistant building lighting sets for different photographers. I look forward to working with all of you and seeing the amazing work you are going to produce over the course of the next 4 weeks!!


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