First Week at Tisch

Governors Island ©Andrea Cordoba

Despite having already visited New York City, never before had I experienced it as I have for the past week. It’s not common for a High School student, especially coming from Mexico City, to have the opportunity to experience a college student’s academic and social life. But here I am, in New York City, being part of an amazing yet challenging program that trusts us with college responsibilities and allows us to experience the vibrant and fast paced lifestyle of NYC.

Photography has always triggered a great interest in me, and being able to learn and photograph in the Art Capital is something I could have never dreamed of. For the past week we’ve been working on our first assignment, the project is called Places and we have been asked to take a series of photographs depicting a specific place, a geographic location, or a more abstract representation of a place. Personally I decided to photograph the relationship within a place, or the connection between two people or objects. After deciding what my project was going to be centered on, I had the opportunity to photograph all over New York City; from the packed streets and billboards of Times Squares, to the calm boardwalk of Coney Island. The project has had a great influence on the way I have interacted with the city since I’ve been searching for those frequent yet not obvious interactions that occur regularly but often go unnoticed. Being of a very shy character, and seeing as I am not very talkative, I like to observe what happens around me. On our trip to Governors Island a group of Hispanic ladies caught my attention. The four of them were sitting on a small bench; they were all there together yet doing different things, which is what intrigued me most about the situation. While as they’re all sharing the small bench they are not verbally or actively interacting with each other. There is no obvious relationship between these women, but it’s the silence they are sharing that makes the whole situation, and image, very interesting to me.

After seeing all of Manhattan through our lenses, we were given a whole day in the dark room. We had time to work on our images, process our film, and some even got the opportunity to take a workshop on how to create a pinhole camera. As the day went by all of the students began to create a collection of their prints. I was astonished by the creativity and techniques of my peers, and am really excited to see all of the final prints on Tuesday!


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