Thank God For Digital Cameras

©Gerard H Gaskin

Hi, my name is Ashley. I’m from Connecticut and I love photography. I’m so excited to be studying at Tisch this summer and wish to share my experiences with you on the Tischtography blog. Here it goes.

After slaving away on our place projects for about a week we finally completed them this morning. We concluded the week with a critique of our work. Feedback from other students, TAs, and professors is extremely valuable and therefore everybody really appreciated the time spent evaluating our final prints. Everyone learned from the experience and is excited to begin working their feedback into our new project; portraiture. Personally, I just can’t wait to start shooting with my 5D again. I love digital and I have missed it over the course of our place project which was done in film. I have literally been dancing in anticipation of going out into the city and looking at it through a familiar view finder. After our critique and lunch at Kimmel we came back to the classroom to discuss the new project, review basic DSLR settings, experiment with automatic flash, and finally watch a fascinating and inspiring presentation by the photographer, Gerard H. Gaskin, whose work is displayed at the top of this post. At 5:30 we returned back to Weinstein for dinner and then met with our portraiture groups and brainstormed ideas for our shooting destination. We then went stargazing on the highline where we bought gelato and watched Asha free-style about our experiences at Tisch. Unfortunately we were only able to spot a few stars tonight before we had to return to our dorms and meet with our crews once again. I believe portraiture is the most captivating form of photography and I can’t wait until tomorrow when we will be able to tour the city with our digital cameras as our guides.



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