Even as a New Yorker, I am seeing the city differently…


My name is Usha Kaul. Unlike everyone else in this program, I am coming to TISCH from right here in NYC. I am a incoming senior at a HS also, right here in NY. I am hoping to study photography and Psychology [child development] in college. I have really gained a lot here just in my first week and a half.

As a good example I have always been a landscape photographer because of my fear of people. Today we were assigned to go out and shoot portraits. My group choose to photograph people who like to be by the waterfront. I now feel confident that I can tackle portraiture.

Something else I have gained is the skill to be able to take a reading by authors such as Robert Frank, David Levi Strauss and Deborah Willis and create photographic ideas from their teachings.

I am hoping to learn so much more! Doing photography 24/7 has always been my dream so I guess dreams really do come true.

Every night, I always think of what lies ahead of me.



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