TischTography 11th Day–DigiLab Work Day and Studio Lighting

It is the 11th day of our extensive 4 week course and we have begun to crank up the intensity and greatly expand our photography talents.  We were recently introduced to the medium of digital photography, a big change from our recent all black and white 35mm film assignment.  The digital medium gives us far more possibilities, while having its advantages and disadvantages.  We have primarily focused on the use of lighting and various ways to execute different lighting situations in photography.

 Today we spend the whole morning session in the digital computer lab after a short writing/reflection assignment in the earlier part of the AM.  We were introduced to adobe photoshop (editing/retouching of images), adobe bridge (used to create contact sheets and sort images), adobe lightroom (a program which allows cataloging and viewing images in a more perfected manner), and how to print and operate the computer stations.  After the extensive teaching we were lucky enough to have another very inspiring guest photographer, Mark Jenkinson.  Mr. Jenkinson is a very talented man with the ability to capture stunning images in both the commercial and artistic fields of photography.  Not only is he recognized for stunning, dare-devilish images, but he is also infamous for his use of lighting and technique.  It was truly a wonderful experience to hear from someone so passionate and talented at photography.

We then began to review our images from yesterdays full day of shooting for our collaborative portraiture assignment, along with a little time to begin editing the actual images.  Once we were back for PM lab everyone split up in various groups: a studio lighting workshop, a group who spent time working on their research papers, and others continued working on editing their images.

The image I have included above is one that I took this previous year–it has to do with gender stereotyping in the everyday advertising industry.  While I did not take this image here, I feel it reflects what we are currently working on.  It portrays the idea of studio lighting, portraiture and the combination of image and text, which are all relevant to the current assignments.  I continue to enjoy my time here and look forward to the experiences/events that are yet to come and am excited to walk away from this program with a new outlook on photography.  Enjoy!

~Michael P.


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