Working with ReMu


Hey everyone!  I’m Erica Reed from Houston, Texas.  I’ve come to Tisch this Summer to immerse myself in photography studies.  I’m particularly interested in photography’s ability to communicate one’s thoughts.  So far photography and imaging at Tisch has been a great experience, and I have learned so much.

After a quick advanced photoshop workshop this morning, photography students worked with ReMu (recorded music) students to create album covers and posters for their final projects.  Michael Pheffer and I worked with “ABOOGALA”.  Their song  was a mix of hip-hop, bollywood, and pop.  Finding inspiration from Queen’s album cover for “Bohemian Rhapsody”, Michael and I set up studio and began shooting.  After our photo shoot, our team made a design for the back cover of the album.  Thanks to Michael’s excellent InDesign and Illustrator skills, we made an awesome album cover fit for an LP.

Erica Reed


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