A Three Day Late Update

©Mariana Zenteno

Greetings there, the name’s Mariana Zenteno and due to my extreme procrastination flaws I am writing three days late, although in my defense we’ve been pretty busy the past few days. A little bit about myself, I come from the deceitfully lovely city of San Diego California and dream of the day when I  travel the world as a fashion photographer, while residing in New York City. Enough about me though, allow me to catch you up on our fun filled adventures.

Well for starters on Saturday we were taken to “one of the oldest and largest nonprofit contemporary art institutions in the United States” P.S 1, located in Queens. Focusing more on exhibiting experimental art P.S 1 provides a unique environment for viewers interested in emerging contemporary artist. After wandering through a series of exhibitions including the works of James Franco and Laurel Nakadate, as well as observing the interesting assortment of dancers and nearly too hip visitors I concluded that if hipsters had a heaven this would be it. Unfortunately right as the party was about to start we were forced to leave. Luckily they made it up to us by taking us out to a lovely dinner with not only our P.As but our totally awesome T.A’s and teachers as well, where we were all able to enjoy a delightful meal at Pop Pub. Moving on to Sunday it was back to work, when we all realized the fact that not only did we need to stress about the fact that our multiples project was due the next day but we had our research paper due by midnight that day. After a long day of on and off writing and a couple moments of anxiety we all managed to finish and turn in our essays to be graded. So now you’re all caught up until today which involved getting our act together, printing our photographs for the multiples project, and finishing up our artistic statement. By the end of the day I’m almost positive the entire group was either delirious and about to pass out, or completely hyped up on the fact that our biggest projects we’re behind us. Oh, fun side story if you enjoy blogs today during our final printing hours this random lady walked into the digital lab in hopes of being allowed to print some of her work -she was an NYU student. After staring at her for about 2 minutes I realized I recognized her from this blog I’d been scrolling through the night before and absolutely adored, so as any other normal person would do I went up to her and asked is she had a blog by any chance and when she confirmed this belief continued to admit that “I had creeped the shit out of and was in love with it.” She was flattered and said it had never happened before, it was a fun moment if you’re interested in finding out who this person is you should check her out at Le Fur Coat. Anyways, I’m done for the night I hope you were able to enjoy my rambling sentences!

-xx Mariana

P.S Michael George is the loveliest person I have ever met and should not take away from my blog grade due to the late post.


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