Is it really ALMOST … over ?

Just like New York the camera is clear and see through, but there is so much on the otherside.

Running through the hallways, similar to a playground environment, the tischtography kids of 2011, light up the dark rooms with their busy enthusiasm and love for photography. Tonight was intense with the final assignment being due, people running around the floor doing studio work to final prints in the dark rooms and digit labs. In the end everyone successfully completed  their projects with great results!

Looking through everyone’s progress throughout the program and reflecting on their time here I really have come to understand the versatility and power of photography. Speaking as more than an artist but also  as a historian I notice the amount of documentation that takes place in each photograph expressing someone’s feelings and emotions. Photography has proven to have the power to change people and make them change themselves.

The assignment we just completed exactly five hours ago was the broad, but also very personal topic: Multiples where we had to put together, a series of images with similar themes but having each picture offer a different aspect to our original themes. Ranging from topics of eyes, shoes, nature and trains, each project, allowed everyone to express him or herself differently.

My project was a very personal assessment where I captured my own emotions through self-portraits and the people and strangers I saw in New York City. Photography for me ties together the camera and its subjects. When I put myself on the other end of the camera , I felt this huge amount of weight being lifted off me, because I realized a whole new way of perspective. This basic technique of putting ones self in front of the camera to understand there own feelings resonated with me on how I photograph and connect with my own subjects. This simple concept of a self portrait became so much more as a deeper meaning through this one project.

Living here for the last three weeks I know there is no other place like New York, but there is really no other place like Tisch. The type of community and love and yearning to learn about photography and teach it , is astonishing , it’s this mini world in New York where people document their lives and the lives of others , in the busiest most populated city in the world!, and I never want to leave it.

– Asha-Kai Grant


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