A Happy Tischtography Family


I can honestly say that this past month has been one of the best months of my entire life. I remember crying the night before the program started, nervous for all the hard work, scared that I would end up with a crazy roommate, worried that I wouldn’t make any friends, and afraid that I wasn’t a good enough photographer. Now, I find myself close to tears because I’m about to leave a group of people who have not only taught me so much, but also became my great friends.

This past month FLEW by; I feel like it was just yesterday that we were all standing in a circle introducing ourselves in probably the weirdest way possible…which actually made me feel at home right away (you all know how strange I am). Throughout all the hard work and busy schedule, I never really got the chance to thank all of you, and I know that if I do it in person I will (definitely) start crying.

Nichole and Terry– Thank you both so much for everything. In just one month I’ve transformed from a narrow-minded photography student only interested in street photography to a photography student who is on her way to finding her own voice through her art. Every meeting I had with both of you was so eye-opening; you encouraged me to take one step further with every project and without your support I would’ve never produced a final project that I was truly proud of. I really appreciate all of your advice and both of you are inspirations to all 18 of us.

Daisy, Michael George, Liz, Jackie, Allie, Simon, and Suzy– I remember the first day that we developed film, not because it was completely chaotic but because all of the TA’s were so cooperative. I also remember telling Allie and Jackie how I couldn’t believe how patient they were…I wouldn’t know how to handle a group of eighteen loud teenagers asking probably 1,000 questions at a time. This sense of patience and care continued throughout the program. Not only were you all there when we would ask question after question, but you all showed us that you truly care about us. I’m sure that the TIsch babies will agree about how incredible you all are and how excited are when we get to spend time with you. PROMISE to keep in touch with us, and I’m sure that we’ll all bookmark your websites and follow you all because you’re just a little bit talented (SARCASM).

Laura, Charlie, Hannah, Phoebe, Andrea, Asha, Ashley, Usha, Tess, Michael, Akaylah, Eric, Derek, Katia, Lucy, Andrèe, and Mariana– Where do I even begin?! Although we can all agree dorm life isn’t the best, at least we experienced it together and I actually think it was a huge factor in bringing us as close as we are. As I mentioned before, I cried the night before coming here because I was nervous I wouldn’t fit in and that you would all be kind of …weird. Turns out I’m probably the weirdest one, but only because you all let me be. You are all such beautiful people and I’m so lucky that I got the opportunity to meet all of you and become so close with each of you. You guys mean so much to me, and I want to thank you for letting me be myself because it definitely let me produce my best work. If it weren’t for you guys, I wouldn’t have 17 new best friends OR a final multiples project. I love you all!

This was one of the greatest summers of my entire life and I will never forget everything I’ve learned and all the amazing people I met. NYC Reunion soon please?




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