Beryl Bevilacque Info

Hey guys –

As Alexandra said, we’re off to a great start! Printing went really well yesterday, and I can’t wait to see your projects develop.

About me: I graduated from the Photography & Imaging department in May 2011 and since then have worked on a film, assisted on fashion photo shoots, and helped at ICP as a Teaching Assistant. My work has largely taken shape in the form of iPhone photographs and videos of varied subject matter. I can’t wait to see the dialogue that will happen on the blog. Please post anything you find interesting in the next coming weeks, and I will try to do the same!

Art 21 : “Art21 is a nonprofit dedicated to engaging audiences with contemporary visual art, inspiring creative thinking, and educating a new generation about artists working today.” On this site you can find countless videos of artists discussing their work, practice, and other interests! For example, here is a video featuring the photographer Sally Mann.

Le Journal de la Photographie: “Le Journal de la Photographie offers daily coverage of everything photographic, from top-notch photo reportages to photographer profiles; from exhibitions to gallery shows.” You can sign up to receive daily emails.

Criterion: “Since 1984, the Criterion Collection, a continuing series of important classic and contemporary films, has been dedicated to gathering the greatest films from around the world and publishing them…” Film has really inspired my photography through the years, and the Criterion Collection should be thanked in a large part for publishing such interesting movies. You can find Top 10 Lists, Essays about films, and information regarding some of your favorites.

I hope you find these inspiring!


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