Guest Artist: July 12th: CLAUDIO NOLASCO

Today photographer Claudio Nolasco will be speaking to us about his work.

Claudio Nolasco was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic in 1981 and immigrated to New York City in 1989, where he continues to live and work. He received his BFA from the Cooper Union in 2004. Claudio’s photography deals with place as a locus of memory and personal experience.

His recent project delves into the neighborhood of Williamsburg where he grew up. Instead of focusing on the young, hip, population that has taken over the neighborhood over the last ten years, he revels in the community that he has known throughout his life.

Quote from story in “Insider” Magazine:

“This is life on an anonymous Sunday spent in South Williamsburg. Photographer Claudio Nolasco grew up on this block, and has spent much of his adult life making record of moments like these. For most of the last 22 years he has lived in one of the block’s goliath, six-story brick buildings. At eight he moved here from the Dominican Republic; it was 1989, and Williamsburg was a different place.

Nolasco focuses less on the skinny-jean clad intruders to the world he grew up in and more on the few facets of that life that remain intact, friends like Robert Negró, the tattooed Puerto Rican, hanging out on the street on a sluggish Sunday afternoon, or flowers and new, white candles next to a glowing TV screen. Educated at Cooper Union and now a student in Columbia’s MFA program, he spends his days navigating two distinct worlds: one, the primarily white world of fine art, and the other, east of the East River, where he might simply wander down to the front of his building if he wants to catch up with the characters of his youth. He enjoys Williamsburg’s art and bar scenes (especially the Canada-themed bar ‘Ontario’), but he laments the loss of the neighborhood’s noisier days, in which on any given Sunday South 1st Street might have been closed off for an impromptu block party.”



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