Andrea Bejarano Info


Hello Everyone!

I couldn’t agree more with the other TA’s that we’re impressed with your energy so far and look forward to seeing you all flourish as young photographers during the weeks ahead.

Just a little bit about myself: I come from a mid-Western and Colombian background and consider Miami, Fl to be  my home-base. I transferred from the University of Miami to join the Tisch Photo and Imaging department family in 2010. I graduated this May and have kept busy pursuing my interests in filmmaking, travel, and of course, photography and teaching.

My work deals with the broad concept of identity. My most recent project explores how my own personal identity is shaped by the places that are most familiar to me. You can see a variety of different projects at

When I started doing photography, the first photographer I can remember being really drawn to was Cindy Sherman, specifically her early Untitled Film Stills work. MoMA recently had a huge retrospective show of her work, and although the show is now over there is a fantastic web catalog of the work. Check out the black and white work from the 70’s and early 80’s, but don’t be surprised to see it get more grotesque and garish as time goes on.


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