Kristina e. Knipe info

Hello All!Image

It has been exciting working with you all so far, and I hope you are finding your time here interesting/challenging.

Like Casey and Andrea, I also have just graduated from Tisch’s photography and imaging program. I am originally from Allentown, Pennsylvania but now live in Brooklyn. I often direct the subjects in my photographs or stage elements of it but always allow room for spontaneity.  Recently, I shot a project on islands in the south of Finland on farms that I was working on. I have also been working on a series of experimental interactive books that are a cross between pop up books and altar pieces, which you will see during the bookmaking workshop.

ImageFinland 2011

Here are the links to a few photographers I admire and that have influenced me:

Alec Soth:

Alessandra Sanguinetti (we saw one photograph of hers at ICP, here is more from that project on the gallery’s webpage that represents her:)

Evgenia Arbugaeva (check out the series Tiksi)


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