Tisch Summer HS Family

     The first and foremost experience everyone has at the Tisch Summer HS Photography and Imaging Program is meeting your Photo Family. This year we are group of sixteen people that all share each other’s interests. Not only do we travel everywhere together, we all room at Weinstein on the same floor. Together we attend museums like the Met and the Guggenheim as well as meet with guest artists like Claudio Nolasco and Jamel Shabazz.

A daily activity, now game we play involves all sixteen of us squishing into one elevator. Becoming friends and being comfortable around my peers is something I definitely value and recommend for future Tisch students. Just a few minutes ago we laughed, joked and shared one-of-a-kind personal moments. As friends we teach each other how to fix things on photoshop or make a print correctly in the darkroom.

This Photo Family includes not just our peers but our PAs, TAs, professors and more. Below is a picture of me and my roommate Claire with our favorite prints so far. Mine of Emily (Tisch photo student) jumping is from a collaborative lighting challenge we completed last week. Claire’s picture was taken at Coney Island on Sunday!Image


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