Studio Museum Harlem

Today all fifteen of my new best friends and I traveled through Harlem to a museum who primarily focuses on showcasing artists with African descent. We met a group of students much like us, they vary in age from 15-18 years old. They too have been working hard this summer to showcase their images. After introductions and a look around, Tisch began to critique and admire the work of our peers. It was really neat to view the works of photographers our own age. The photos they take are based off of the photographer James Van Der Zee. Each student chose one image of Van Der Zee’s, took his theme and created images of their own to portray that theme. It is always very interesting to me to look at some body else’s work and hear about their point of view, how they think, and see their image in a way that i would not have thought to create it. Overall Harlem was a great experience just as this program is a great experience. I am so fortunate and appreciative to be here and to have met all the people who I will not forget and will not lose touch with. I would not trade these four weeks for the world.

Libby Lang



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