The Final Stretch

Tischtographers Running Through Fire Hydrant Water
Tischtographers running through fire hydrant water in the Bronx, New York on July 27th 2012 – Brian Yang

As the 2012 summer Olympics kick off in London, UK today athletes around the would come together to push themselves to the limit. At the same time, we are pushing ourselves to the limit in creating our own personal vision. In the next 7 days we will be finishing our Personal Vision Project, creating our own portfolio, making our own statement as artist and showing our final gallery show to make the end of this program.

With so much going on we took some time to take a break before our final sprint to the finish line. We enjoyed an relaxing afternoon and evening in the Bronx. We enjoyed an exciting Yankees vs. Red Sox game at the Yankee Stadium and refreshed ourselves running through an open fire hydrant on the street.

The image I have took and chosen to show every one is an image that I thing represents the program and our experience as a whole. We came together and learned form each other. When there is an obstetrical we come together help each other and go through together as a strong whole. This has truly been an amazing experience for all of us and we hope to see you in a week at our gallery show with our finest work.

-Brian Yang, Earth


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