Darkroom At Last

Today we had our first full day in the darkroom, where we had the opportunity to begin printing photos from our first roll. Our current project is to establish and capture New York through our own eyes, which is a great excuse for exploring the city. For my last two rolls I ventured to Chinatown and Little Italy, and for my next roll I plan on going to Harlem and Queens. We visited the Studio Museum in Harlem this morning, and saw a collection of postcards of photos taken by locals, and met with Expanding the Walls, a photography program for high schoolers in New York. Not only were we able to view their work, but we had the pleasure of having them explain their individual pieces to us. Each of their photos were accompanied by a James Vanderzee piece that corrosponded with their work. They were really nice kids, and it was very interesting to hear them explain their work, as they analyzed pieces of their pictures that I may have otherwise looked over. Overall, today was amazing, from the museum to Expanding theWalls, to the darkroom.


Image a self-portrait of James Vanderzee



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