MET Field Trip

Metropolitan Museum of Art
Photo taken by Carol Vogel

After today’s lesson on developing and printing 35 mm film, we had the opportunity to relax and enjoy a fun field trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art located in Upper Manhattan. At the museum, we had the opportunity to view the new Civil War photography exhibit, featuring portraits, war action photography, and various other war images shot by the pioneers of war photography, such as Matthew Brady. After visiting this special exhibit, students were then allowed to explore the rest of the museum independently and visit the various sections that interested them the most. Available selections of art to browse, included: Greek/Roman, Islamic, African, European, modern, medieval, and photography. Another section that was a favorite of many students, including myself, was the Punk exhibition, that displayed to culture and fashion of pop punk. Flashing lights, punk music, and an endless array of clothing and fashion accompanied this presentation.

Selection from The Punk: Chaos to Coutre exhibition at the MET
Photo by: Phillip Sherwell

Overall, the trip was both an informative, as well as an entertaining way for us to spend our early Friday evening. It was interesting to witness all the different types of art there are, all in one location. I really enjoyed the trip and hope to return soon.

-Amber S.


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