Taking Chances!

When I came to the Tisch Summer High School program I was ready to take some photos and learn some terms and come home educated. While I’ve been here, the experience has been so much more than that. While not only advancing significantly in my photography skills I’ve made memories that I’ll never forget. The program has inspired me to become more open with opportunities and experimental with my work. I’ve finally figured out how I can express myself with photography instead of just taking pretty pictures. I’ve met real world photographers who have inspired me to go somewhere with my work and I can’t wait to make a difference in the art world. With museum trips and conversations with real world gallery owners I feel like I’ve been hands on in the business. Having such an incredible opportunity to be active in the darkroom has also taught me skills that I may have never learned and it’s been an incredible success. I’m very excited for our final project and exhibition.


-Hannah G, ImageImageImage 


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