This is a golden experience

Coming to New York for the first time was always something I had always dreamed of and especially for a photography summer program. For the past three weeks I have learned so much about myself, my photography, the culture of New York, and from very photographers my age. I learned how to work a film camera for the first time and I have absolutely fallen in love with film and will consider to shoot more when I get back home. I also learned that it is also okay to take stupid pictures & not over think what I’m taking a picture of, which was hard. Being surrounded with very talented people was the cherry on top. Learning to confidently share my work with others and not be self-conscious about it was something I became more comfortable with. Not only was I surrounded with talented people, I also made memories that I will never forget. Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge with  Aysha, Amber, Roger, Katie & Ysabell was one of the best nights I ever had.

1st photo: first project
2nd photo: dark room
3rd photo: establishing my view of NYC
photo (14)photo (16)photo (15)


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