Fun, Broadway, and Crunch Time

Fun, Broadway, and Crunch Time

As our photography group has begun to prepare for our final exhibition, the pressure to create our best work, and enjoy our last week in the city is mounting. Monday night our teachers and TAs took us to a BBQ meal in Williamsburg, and the photo students enjoyed a beautiful New York sunset on our way back to the Subway station. Today pressure was definitely in the atmosphere as everyone is beginning to rush to get everything edited, printed, written up, and on the wall for our last critique tomorrow. I know that for me this has been the most intense photography project I’ve ever taken on; definitely on the same level as final essays at my school. This program has challenged me more than any of my other art classes to push my photography as far as I can take it, and I know all the stress that I feel now will eventually be worth it in the end. Tonight we took a much-needed break by going out to the Broadway show “Motown,” which had some of the best Broadway music that I’ve heard. Crossing my fingers for the critique tomorrow, good luck to everyone!

(photo by Katie Fournier)


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