The End (Almost)

This week has been a mad scramble for all of us to turn in our papers, final projects, reviews, and statements. However, I have found that everyone has really bonded and come together in the past week. We’ve been encouraging each other and offering solutions to problems that have arisen (our final critique today lasted almost 4 hours…!), as well as having fun. Today, we had a dance party in the darkroom to the Motown music we heard at the musical last night (ok maybe I was the only one dancing..), and although everyone was stressed to finish their projects in time for the critique, spirits were still high and we all made sure to support everyone. I can’t really imagine not being here next week because we have all gotten really close and we are so adjusted to the program. It is funny to think about the first week here, where we were just getting to know each other and the program. I remember that during the lighting demo in the first week, we were so scared to speak up and direct each other and ask questions to our teachers. Now, with 2 days left, it is so strange to think that I won’t walk in to Tisch on Monday and see our teachers and TAs, as well as my classmates. This experience has been so amazing and I will never forget it. 


ClaireImagePhotograph of Olga that I took during the lighting demo our teachers gave us.


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