Tischtography Under Construstion




It’s our last day as a class and you can definitely feel the tension in the room, rushing to print both our final exhibition projects and last assignments, everyone was non stop on the go today in the classrooms. TA’s with their hands on deck running to help us all at once. We finally have it all finalized and hanging. It was a bittersweet day for us all, being able to work together as a class and as close friends we spent our last 12 hours together putting all our effort towards this final project. This exhibition tomorrow is one we’ve all been waiting for, to show off to all the faculty and especially our families our hard work. Saying our final goodbyes will definitely be a hard one but we can all say that this is an experience we will never forget. We made new friendships and became so close. This experience for me was one of the most amazing learning experiences, I expanded my knowledge on everything i thought i knew. All the tools we got from this program will be used in the future without a doubt, and living in the city was something we’ve all loved to experience. 

Goodluck to all the seniors applying to Tisch this school year.


-Shailee Ben-David


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