Studio Museum Harlem and “If You Build It” Exibition

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Today, our class went on a field trip to Studio Museum Harlem. The first set of pictures we saw were Harlem Postcards. Something that was really cool was that one of the post cards was taken by Delphine Diallo, a guest artist we had visit our class last week. We then met an amazing group of young artists from New York called ETW, whose work was displayed within the museum. After being shown a series of James Vanderzee’s photographs, we were asked to recreate Clifford Owen’s work by laying on a piece of white paper while being traced by other people in various colors. Afterwards, we viewed the work of the artists from ETW. I was truly inspired and fascinated by their complex and unique work. I loved hearing the stories behind their images. Following that we viewed the works of Charles Gaines, Kevin Beasley, Bethany Collins, and Abigail DeVille.
Once we had lunch, we all went to the “If You Build It” exhibition in Harlem. It was very unique and interesting to see. Overall, today was a great day to see some incredible work from many great artists.
-Erica Palmieri


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