Final Touches to Collaborative Portrait Assignment and Guest Artist from TIME Magazine: Jonathan D. Woods

Jonathan Woods from TIME Magazine and Olivia Jankoski.
Jonathan Woods from TIME Magazine and Olivia Jankoski.

Hello my name is Rafik Greiss, I am a 16-year-old High School student from Egypt, currently living in London. During the morning of the Photography and Imaging class today, each Collaborative Portrait group got together and completed any final prints to add to each series. We completed any final retouching and correction of images and sequenced our images. Later on throughout the day, guest artist Jonathan Woods came in to discuss his career in TIME Magazine and photographic work. His work was very inspiring, especially his project of about the new Freedom Tower at One World Trade Center.  It was truly amazing to see him speak about the entire process of him taking the photograph, and all the problems he had stumbled upon and overtaken. He then took the time to critique and give us feedback on our portrait project. Furthermore, Bayeté assigned the class the Personal Vision Assignment and showed us work of a few photographers to inspire us and to get us to brainstorm. During open lab tonight, each group finished up their Collaborative Portrait assignment and hung up their photos.


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