Group Effort

IMG_6540 Makeda and Patrick choosing prints for the exhibit.IMG_6527 Roaming the streets in East Village with Jenn.IMG_6522 IMG_6521The Birdman and his music store. Hey everyone! My name is Annie Choi and I’m from Los Angeles, California. I’m super excited to be attending this summer photography program at Tisch and up until now, it’s definitely been a true photography intensive! Today, we’ve had a hard and long morning working in the digital lab and editing all our photos from our collaborative group assignment. After breaking for lunch, the individual groups had three hours to go and explore the city and catch up on some photo shooting. Makeda, Jenn, and I went to the East Village so that we can meet and interview some cool musicians in the city. We walked into a music store on St Marks and 3rd, and even got to meet the legendary Birdman. After that, the class regrouped back at the Tisch building to continue editing the photos from the afternoon shoot. It’s been a long day working with the photos, but it’s crunch time because our class critique is coming up in 2 days! Annie


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