Critique III

critique part I
The group critiques Rafik, Sydney Smith, and I’s project
Panorama view of 3 of the 5 projects

Hello everyone! My Name is Hailey Burns and I’m from Short Hills, New Jersey (just about 40 minutes out of the city). Today was another exhausting day, but of course, rewarding as always. We started off the morning with a criqute of our collaborative portrait assigments. This has been our third group critique since the beginning of the program, and its no surprise these discussions have gotten more extensive each time. One change that is evident is our ability to give and receive constructive criticism. Opposed to week one, we are no longer afraid of opening up and pushing our new friends to become better photographers for the next time around. In the afternoon we were introduced (in detail) to our last project of the course: the Personal Vision assignment. No spoilers for our plans just quite yet, but everyone coming up with some really great and creative ideas! Crazy how we only have one week left, it seems like just yesterday I was jumping up and down in Washington Square Park because I had just taken my first picture on a film camera.


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