Street art in Chelsea
Street art in Chelsea

Hi! My name is Carly Fiest and I am a rising junior from Ocean Township, New Jersey. Today for class we had multiple field trips to galleries in Chelsea. The beginning of my day was filled with wonderful color images from the early 1900s. The photos were interesting because they seemed so modern even though they were so old. Also the images were created during a time when color images were not considered artistic, so the series was interesting in an historical context as well. However, my afternoon was not as pleasing. After lunch we visited a gallery showing Larry Clark’s Luhring Augustine photo series on “kids on the brink of becoming men and women.” The exhibit contains collages of pictures of penises, vaginas, and people having sex. I found the work that in the realm of pornography and not art. I was upset by what I saw and I wished that I was warned of the content of the exhibit before walking into the gallery.


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