Lighting & Portraiture Critique

A work-in-progress of my own project during open lab yesterday.
Rachel Filler’s final work displayed on the wall.

Today in class, we spent the majority of the time critiquing each other’s final works for our Lighting & Portraiture assignment. The past week was spent working hard to finish these projects on time, with many hours of open lab for shooting, editing, and digitally printing our photos. Having been our broadest assignment to date, it was initially quite difficult for most of us to generate solid ideas for this project. Many students’ ideas shifted as they shot more and selected photos to use for their final work. Executing this assignment required lots of creative thought and effort from every student, which was reflected during critique. Each student presented a final project that was elaborately planned out and entirely unique from anyone else’s in the room.

I find critiques to be a very rewarding part of every project. Because successfully completing a project can be rather draining, it’s nice to hear what others have to say about your final work and how they can respond and relate to it.

To learn more about the Tisch Department of Photography & Imaging, visit here.


-Matt Bernstein


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