Personal Vision

Personal Vision
Photo taken by Charlotte Williams of behind the camera on my Personal Vision projects shoot.

In one short, but no less intense week, this years Tisch Photography and Imaging Summer High School Program will be coming to a close. While one week may seem like a very short time, my classmates and I have been working tirelessly to accomplish what we have so far in sometimes only a few days. Our last assignment will be the final piece we create here at Tisch, our Personal Vision project. Not only are we being presented with the perfect opportunity for us as young artists to showcase the valuable skills we have acquired here at Tisch, but we are also encouraged to use them to our own advantage to create work on anything that is meaningful to us. From people we love, to things that confuse us, anger us, or even the things that drive us to want to make a change in society, or maybe even the world.

Above is a shot from behind the camera at the shoot for my Personal Vision project, focused on the ups and downs of teenage years. Make sure to stay updated on our blog to get a sneak peek of some of the work that will be featured at our final show!

-Niki Marvin


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