The Critical Analysis Research Paper

A self portrait of Francesca Woodman. This image serves as a strong example of her work, as she blends herself into a deteriorating setting in order to hide.

Throughout the past month here at Tisch Summer High School for Photography and Imaging, we have been assigned various projects, such as photo shoots and collaborative tasks. However, the most significant assignment we have received has been the critical analysis research paper. Although long and difficult to write, this paper has opened my eyes to a new world of photography. It gave me the opportunity to look into photographers I had never heard of before, and now love. If I had never been given this assignment, I never would have discovered the photographers that I now appreciate. One of these photographers, Francesca Woodman, influenced me greatly with her haunting self portraits. As I write and research her work more, I uncover more about myself as a photographer, as well as the technique behind self portraiture. Overall, this assignment has been extremely beneficial to my knowledge of the history and lives of influential photographers. I feel I have found more photographers that I admire in a couple of weeks, than I have found in an entire year of photography at my high school.

-Landon Miller


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