Creativity and Stress

During the past four weeks, my piers and I have been put to the test with the task of completing assignments that seem to never end. Stress and the pressure to complete the assignments has definitely put a strain on my work and creativity. One valuable piece of the advice that I received when I struggled to complete the Lighting and Portraiture assignment was from Dylan, a TA in the program. He reminded me to shoot from the heart rather than the brain. When I am stressed and pressed by time, I attempt to generate an idea by overthinking things. In this state, my work becomes bland, complicated, and difficult to understand. When I finally took a moment to calmly think of my task at hand shot not overcomplicating things, my photos become more coherent and visually satisfying. This method is less stressful. Your images may not fully center around the task at hand, but you are having more fun doing it, and that is what photography is all about.

Sorry Dylan for stealing your advice


By: David Quesada

DSC_0077 672_creativity-in-life-1053044-flash-1053044-flash


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