qOpen Lab and Final Program Dinner

Students working during Open Lab

Today was our first full day to work on our personal vision projects. Some of us worked in the digital lab editing and printing our images, as well as working on the various papers we have due this week. Others used the studio, and others began processing and printing their images in the darkroom. I love how different all of the projects are, and how people are able to choose which photography medium they want to use (digital, film, or both!). It is amazing to see how everyone’s projects progresses, and I can’t wait to see the final products on Friday. Overall, I would say that we had a very productive day, and we all know how much we have to get done in the coming week.

After our long day, a good dinner was well-deserved! The entire photography program (including teachers and TAs) joined together for dinner at Favela Cubana, a Cuban restaurant near NYU. We dined and talked over delicious lemonade, fried plantains, and coconut flan. It was great to talk to everyone and reflect over our time here, and it is bittersweet to know it was one of our last times ever being all together.

-Olivia Quinton


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