Doris Salcedo: Guggenheim

Guggenheim Museumunland-detail-975x651

A couple weeks ago, we took a trip to The Guggenheim Museum. After starting from the top and observing each exhibition throughout the museum, one exhibit struck me as most interesting. I found Doris Salcedo’s exhibition to be quite intriguing. She took wood and created tables out of them and not just any type of table, a table held together by her very own strands of hair. At first, I thought of it as a bit disturbing, especially after learning she pulled out her hair, piece by piece to create her art… but I then found it fascinating and began to question why or how she came up with such an idea. After visiting numerous museums over the past four weeks and observing various types of art, I’ve found that art can really be anything you make of it because I, for one, would never have thought of building a table with my own head of hair.

-Stephanie Weinstein


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