Field trip to Chelsea+Friends Forever

Impressive  photographs during the field tip to Chelsea.
Impressive photographs during the field tip to Chelsea.


Chelsea is a district in NYC with all kinds of artistic stuff, bookstores and galleries. Why do I even explain, every one should know it because it is awesome. We went to visit aperture, a super interesting bookstore and all kinds of other galleries. Aperture was always a legendary place for me because my favorite photographer, Minor White, was one of the founders and also, of course, because I have loved the magazine for a long long long time. If you haven’t been there before, go before the summer open exhibition close. And just so you know that the faculty there is funny and nice.

Besides the visit to Aperture, the galleries and bookstores are also super fun and worthy for exploring too. I found out two super interesting photographer, Olivo Barbieri and Jacob Aue Sobol, through the visit. I also got two independently-printed books from the bookstore. I really enjoyed the area and all the art works I saw, and of course the pizza, that day.

At last, since tomorrow is going to be the last day of the program, I really want to talk about my personal feeling of the program of a whole. Every day I spent in the program with my friends was perfect. I will never forget my first month doing photography only with such a cool group of people. I will always remember the time I spent with all the folks, TAs and Bayete. Very personal but very true. I love SHS!!!


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