Tisch Photography SHS

As our month at New York University as Tisch summer high school students ends, the level of stress for completing projects and essays rises dramatically. The program has been full of exciting events, projects, and new friendships. Although the workload is extremely heavy, the skills we have all learned are more than rewarding. We learned how […]

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Critique and Working Hard

Hi family, friends, and readers! My name is Sydney and I will be writing the blog post for today! Firstly, today was a stressful, yet simple day. To start, all of the students arrived at open lab at 10:00 a.m. We all worked very hard to finish our “Establishing your view of New York City” […]

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Developing My Developing Skills

Over the course of this summer program I feel I am growing exponentially as a photographer.  However, I felt like this past week in particular was the height of my technical development (literally).  I am no virgin to shooting with my Minolta 7000 film camera, but with that being said I have never had the […]

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MET Field Trip

After today’s lesson on developing and printing 35 mm film, we had the opportunity to relax and enjoy a fun field trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art located in Upper Manhattan. At the museum, we had the opportunity to view the new Civil War photography exhibit, featuring portraits, war action photography, and various other […]

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The Final Stretch

As the 2012 summer Olympics kick off in London, UK today athletes around the would come together to push themselves to the limit. At the same time, we are pushing ourselves to the limit in creating our own personal vision. In the next 7 days we will be finishing our Personal Vision Project, creating our […]

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