Lighting & Portraiture Critique

Today in class, we spent the majority of the time critiquing each other’s final works for our Lighting & Portraiture assignment. The past week was spent working hard to finish these projects on time, with many hours of open lab for shooting, editing, and digitally printing our photos. Having been our broadest assignment to date, […]

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Our First Crunch Time

For me, one of the main reasons that this program has been so successful is because everybody here came to work.  Today more than any day before, this fact became apparent.  Up until now, we have only had one major due date but today we were asked to complete three unrelated projects.  In addition to […]

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Thank God For Digital Cameras

Hi, my name is Ashley. I’m from Connecticut and I love photography. I’m so excited to be studying at Tisch this summer and wish to share my experiences with you on the Tischtography blog. Here it goes. After slaving away on our place projects for about a week we finally completed them this morning. We […]

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