Critique and Working Hard

Hi family, friends, and readers! My name is Sydney and I will be writing the blog post for today! Firstly, today was a stressful, yet simple day. To start, all of the students arrived at open lab at 10:00 a.m. We all worked very hard to finish our “Establishing your view of New York City” […]

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Hard At Work

Hi everyone! I’m Rachel Leiner, a Tischtography student for the summer. A little bit about me- I am from Long Island, New York and a rising junior. I love fashion, photography, and singing! Today we spent about 9 hours in the darkroom preparing for our second assignment, “Establishing Your View of NYC.” This project allows […]

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Collaborative Portrait (behind the scenes!)

¬©Elizabeth Moran Belated post, but my group (Michael, Pheobe, and Katia) rocked it out last Wednesday while working on their collaborative portrait assignment. With an ever-growing confidence, they approached, interviewed, and photographed perfect strangers about their feelings regarding their idea of beauty, magazines’ representation of beauty, and Photoshop. ¬†Good job guys! – TA Liz

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